About us

Welcome to Holaria - the epitome of creativity and craftsmanship in the world of porcelain decorative products. Established in 2006 by visionary designers Aleverson Ecker, Luiz Pellanda, and German-based Rafael Medeiros, Holaria has been on an inspiring journey, honing its focus on design excellence and innovation. Headquartered in the charming city of Curitiba in southern Brazil and the art avantgarde city Berlin, our brand has evolved into a remarkable force in the industry, becoming an integral part of the esteemed Germer Group, the nation's finest porcelain producer, in 2011. A family business with German ancestors.

At Holaria, we breathe life into porcelain, pushing the boundaries of its plastic expression while ensuring practicality for larger production. Our design philosophy resonates with diverse artistic influences, engaging with various mediums, including Architecture, Fashion, Film, Music, Literature, Comics, and Natural Science, to encapsulate the wonders of our world within our creations.

The acclaim and recognition we have received speak volumes about our commitment to exceptional design. Holaria proudly boasts prestigious awards and accolades from renowned Brazilian competitions like the "Museu da Casa Brasileira" and "Idea BR." Additionally, our participation in numerous national and international exhibitions has further solidified our reputation as a brand synonymous with impeccable taste and ingenuity.

Our rewarded products have transcended borders and are now showcased in exclusive stores across several continents. From Brazil to the USA, Canada to the United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic to Bolivia, and Colombia, Holaria's brilliant designs have captivated discerning customers worldwide.

Holaria's creative spirit thrives on fusing tradition with cutting-edge advancements. By leveraging the latest in Design and Engineering technologies alongside the artisanal finesse of the porcelain industry, we continually breathe life into new, exciting concepts. As part of the Germer Group S/A, renowned for leading the domestic high-end porcelain market, Holaria benefits from its strategic location in southern Brazil. This proximity empowers us to embrace modern equipment and innovative production techniques introduced by Germer, ensuring our creations boast unparalleled precision, audacious shapes, and, above all, impeccable quality.

However, we not only prioritize artistic brilliance but also embrace our responsibility towards sustainability. Holaria is unwavering in its commitment to eco-conscious practices. Our efforts include the recycling of water used in the production process, employment of all-natural gas furnaces - considered among the most advanced in Latin America, and the reutilization of broken porcelain pieces as raw materials for other industries, such as cement. Even our product packaging reflects our environmental values, crafted from recycled paper to reduce our ecological footprint.

As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, we are excited to present some of our exceptional creations at trade shows like Maison & Objet in Paris, Ambiente in Frankfurt, Index in Dubai, Salon del Mobile in Milan. Among the highlights are the inspiring Demarcações collections, inspired by the mesmerizing graphics of Brazilian indigenous tribes' body paintings. The Voo collection, a testament to defying the limits of porcelain's gravitational confines, will also grace the event. And not forgetting our enchanting speakers for smartphones, Gramofone and Gramofone Nano, reinterpreting the classic icon of music in a truly unique way.

Welcome to Holaria, where the timeless allure of porcelain meets the boundless realm of creativity and design. With a dedication to excellence, a passion for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we invite you to embark on this artistic journey with us. Together, we celebrate the marvels of the world through exquisitely crafted porcelain masterpieces that stand as a testament to the brilliance of human imagination and ingenuity.





Holaria, the epitome of storytelling through exquisite porcelain home decor. Each masterpiece we create transcends the realm of a mere product, embodying a profound fusion of meaning and narrative. These objects possess a rare ability to shape beauty through extraordinary and exhilarating forms. Today, we proudly embrace our identity as a visionary design lab, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With porcelain and boundless imagination as our building blocks, every Holaria creation exudes a soul, an idea yearning to touch the hearts of people. Our ultimate goal is to ignite curiosity, stimulate emotions, and carve a significant place in their lives.


We embark on a journey to make life more delightful, even in a world that may view it as utopian. At the core of our brand lies a relentless commitment to enhancing people's daily lives, transforming them into moments of pure pleasure. The nobility of porcelain merges seamlessly with the synergy of functional rationality and the fluidity of shapes, expressing our mission with grace and elegance.


With every creation, we transport individuals to a realm of familiarity, sparking nostalgic memories that resonate deeply within their souls. Yet, we refuse to be bound by convention. Our objects inspire, question, and ignite the spirit of invention. We continuously strive to construct new languages, enabling fresh interpretations and creating an unending flow of captivating memories.


We find our motivation in being part of a greater whole, effecting change through the power of unity. Driven by passion, Holaria firmly believes in the organic cohesion of all aspects, where every part harmoniously complements the others, forming an indivisible tapestry. Our products transcend mere isolation, existing as integral components within a comprehensive system that embraces aesthetics, productivity, economy, society, and the environment. This holistic vision propels us forward, as we aim to leave an indelible mark on the world we inhabit.